Woolacombe with guests and sun!…..

Slightly cloudy and cold start to the day, but wow it just got better and better! It was a very exciting day today, as we were expecting guests – my son Tom and his girlfriend Meg came to visit us from Truro.

After showing off ‘Peggy’, who had been duly de-sanded, de-Poppydogged and de-dusted to within an inch of her life, we headed off to Woolacombe in brilliant, warm sunshine and enjoyed a lovely walk along the beach.

It took Poppydog a few throws to work out that Tom can throw a ball considerably further than I can but she had a ball – literally!

Tom also showed me how to take a panoramic photo – oh wow and wow!

I shall have to do a bit of practising, but you will no doubt be seeing some more panoramic vistas in the future.

After such a frantic runaround, Poppydog was content to stand (not sit mind you) under the table whilst we enjoyed lunch and a drink outside The Red Barn, Woolacombe – yes it really was warm enough to eat a leisurely lunch outside in the sun! Not bad for February!

We then took a leisurely stroll (apart from Poppydog who was raring to go again!) back along the beach, before clambering over the dunes (including a couple of false starts!) back to the car.

It was lovely to see and spend time with Tom and Meg and to see and hear that they are both doing well and happy- Poppydog agrees as she is fast asleep in her bed but her tail is still wagging in her dreams of chasing the ball across the beach!

Two thoughts of the day:

Lovely for both Poppydog and I to have company other than each other – every now and then!

Judging by all the caravan parks and sites around Woolacombe it must be absolutely chaotic down here in the summertime!

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