Morte Point and Mortehoe……

What a beautiful sun shiny day – all day! Wow a sign of things to come – how exciting, even had to take my jumper off whilst walking today! Woolacombe was quite busy, not surprisingly, so we parked over on Marine Drive again. Poor Poppydog thought she was off for a romp on the beach, but not today, we are on a mission to walk to Morte Point over there.

On our way we had a look back to see Woolacombe Sand from the other side, in all its glory and it truly is stunning!

Just around the corner from Woolacombe we passed Barricane Beach, which is another beauty to be experienced another day.

And not forgetting the next one along being Grunta Beach.

We then joined the coastal path and started to climb, fortunately the path crossed some open terrain which I felt was safe for Poppydog to enjoy scampering around ‘off roading’, that is to say, off her lead, until the path took us closer to the point.

Looking across the bay to the sun shining over Baggy Point and down on those magnificent beaches.

Once we got right up to the point, the wind suddenly whistled around from nowhere and it was a job to stand still and upright to take a photo of the rocks off the point!

It was very strange, as once we went round the point, the wind gradually abated again and we enjoyed the views towards Rockham Beach and Bull Point (you can just make out the lighthouse on Bull Point) before turning inland at Whiting Cove to follow the footpath to Mortehoe.

Just before arriving in the village, how is this for a final resting place?

Mortehoe is a small village sitting on top of the headland, not a great deal to see or of note, apart from hosting a couple of pubs and this church.

On the way back down, Barricane beach looked particularly inviting, as the tide had gone out further, but no – another day!

Two thoughts of the day:

Lighthouses – we are going to make a point of visiting as many as we can, to add to our collection of beaches!

It is 6pm and still light!

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