Back to the desert – ok then Saunton Sands……

Another damp start to the day and poor visibility pretty much throughout but undeterred we revisited Saunton Sands, partly to see if the car park was now free (it was!) and partly because it is just so beautiful and quiet.

To get to the beach we wondered through Braunton Burrows, having first checked with the lone soldier in the car park that it was safe to do so! This area is such doggy heaven, just miles and miles of partially covered dunes, criss crossed with pathways, both human and animal and for me wide tracks made in the firm sand by military vehicles, makes for easy walking.

See the beauty of the wild grasses creating structure against the sky.

Once on the beach, we walked away from Saunton itself and soon had the massive expanse of beach to ourselves.

And even the sun tried to break through and join us!

This beach is going to take some beating.

Two thoughts of the day:

Very randomly this sign had been positioned part way along the beach, but had been collected on our return at about 4.30 – any ideas?

Why does it take 16 hours to recharge an electric toothbrush?

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