Woolacombe again – well why not?…..

Not quite such a nice day today, but still dry with good splashes of sunlight, so I for one am not complaining! I actually got on with creating a spreadsheet to enter all my expenses into, today, though not quite complete, it is taking shape nicely. This has been on my to do list since we set sail in October, so long over due! The most pleasing thing is that I appear to be running under budget, not massively but enough – whopee! As a treat we headed back to Woolacombe for a walk and play in the sand.

The beach was much busier today (I thought it would be the opposite with many half-termers on their way home!) but without being too greedy still plenty of space for all.

From the hill behind the beach there was a group of paragliders launching from the top and landing in the dunes behind the beach – looked like perfect conditions for them, catching thermals above the hill, keeping them up in the air for quite a time. Their views must have been amazing.

Back on the beach however, Poppydog disgraced herself by stealing a families football and popping it! Fortunately, it wasn’t a young family, so no tears or wailing and I would have offered to pay for it, but the woman was so whingy and whiny that I changed my mind! But we did scoot along fairly quickly, because we needed to go to Tesco’s, I’ll have you know!

Our parting shot was of these lovely silver clouds just peaking over the top of Baggy Point.

Two thoughts of the day:

How can I stop Poppydog’s obsession with footballs? I don’t know where it has come from, but she can hear a football being bounced from about half a mile away!

I have decided to read a little less each day and be more productive instead – at what I’m not totally sure but will let you know!

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