Another great beach – Woolacombe Sands……..

A light frost, but the day dawned bright and sunny and pretty much stayed that way all day – oh yes! Not quite flip flop weather, but in the sun the day warmed up nicely, so off we went to Woolacombe.

Luckily the Marine Drive car park is still closed, in that it is not manned, so free of charge- ideal. The car park runs along the dunes at the back of the beach. Am liking this set up with a trail running through the dunes, providing a brilliant dog exercising area and pleasant walk before getting into the beach proper.

The beach is breathtaking and again so long – running straight into Putsborough Sand and with the tide out – so much sand!

Quite a few people about, but not a bother on a beach this size – the sand is all compact so easy to walk on and we had such a lovely afternoon playing in the sun.

Can we really carry on discovering such beautiful beaches?

Two thoughts of the day:

No second thoughts on swapping the motorhome for a caravan – we have already seen and enjoyed so much that would have not been possible in Birdie.

My wellies have sprung a leak! Why oh why can I not find a pair of wellies that last!

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