Putsborough Sand in the sun…..

Hooray it has stopped raining and after a greyish start that could have gone either way, the sun came out! We parked up at Croyde, curtesy of the NT again, and walked up and over the headland that leads to Baggy Point. The footpath was pretty boggy until we got up on to the top and the surrounding fields filled with sheep and their lambs, bleeting and gambolling in the sunshine.

Up on the top there was a fantastic view of Putsborough Sand leading on to Woolacombe Sand and to Woolacombe beyond.

Poppydog is definitely turning into a beach babe, getting oh so excited (and incidentally totally uncontrollable swinging about on the end of her lead) when she can see, smell or hear the sea! So I was practically dragged down onto the beach.

The car park here is a bit of an upmarket affair, similar in layout and location to the site at Tintagel but at £5 a day, I’d want to be staying overnight (though this would set you back £25!), so I’m glad we left the car in Croyde and walked!

The beach was mostly sandy and compacted, so great for playing fetch, as the ball bounces well, which sends Poppydog into a frenzy if instead of catching it on the bounce she heads it off in a different direction!

The beach was quite busy, being half term, so we shall look forward to walking along to Woolacombe another day, but for today contented ourselves with playing in and around the rocks on the left hand side of the beach, which we had to ourselves

The stones here are pretty shades of lilac and aquamarine – I wonder why the sand isn’t too?

Afterwards, we walked back to Croyde along the lane, which was fortunately very quiet and clear of mud! Popping in for a quick look at Croyde Sand, though the incoming tide and covered much of it.

The gradually setting sun adding to the beauty of the rough seas.

And how is this for a view through a gateway – imagine what must be enjoyed by the house?

Two thoughts of the day:

Hot Chocolate on the beach – divine!

The warmth in the sun is such a promising sign – flip flops here we come!

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