Croyde Sand in the rain….

What a horrible day – it rained, mostly to hard to be referred to as mizzle, all day! We toyed with the idea of just wandering around the site, but then I figured we were going to get wet anyway, so we might as well make it count. So off we went to explore Croyde Sand.

Nowhere near on the scale of Saunton Sands but still a nice sandy cove backed with marram grass covered dunes. It is a very popular surf beach but today there were just 2 hardy soles braving what in my inexpert view appeared to be very ‘messy’ surf. Still quite a few people walking along the beach in the rain – I guess the same as me having gone stir crazy being inside all day!

Poppydog enjoyed her run about – funnily enough totally missed a rabbit running along the beach and disappearing into the dunes – too focused on our game!

An area of the dunes is being restored after damage sustained during the storms during January and February 2014 and they are using recycled Christmas trees to protect the new planting – what a fab bit of recycling?

We will be back on a nicer day, but for now, time to go home and dry out!

Two thoughts of the day:

When is this rain going to stop?

I think I fancy fish and chips one of these evenings – it has been a while.

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