Saunton Sands a desert in Devon – who knew?…..

Very wet through the night and quite windy judging by the sound of the trees but not bothering us here in the valley. Persuaded Poppydog to stay settled until just before 8 when the rain finally stopped!

Later we parked up and took a long walk down part of the Tarka Trail that borders Braunton Burrows (the natural inland dunes behind the beach, which is part nature reserve and used by the military occasionally as a training site) before crossing the Burrows to join the beach just before Crow Point which is the furthest point of Saunton Sands. The dunes are a wonderful mix of browns and greens, full of animal trails and scents – absolute heaven for Poppydog!

The beach is just vast and almost deserted – our favourite kind!

We walked to the Beacon at Crow Point and looked across at the matching beacons in Instow across the inlet of the rivers Taw and Torridge.

From Crow Point we walked back along the beach towards Saunton and at times with the stiff wind that was blowing up the beach, not another sole in site and the dunes on our right, it felt like we were crossing a desert! OK so the sea was to our left all the while but just look…

Now I am no horsewoman (having had a bad fall many years ago and being terrified ever since) but this has got to be amazing!

Still we battled on against the wind – we’ve been on the beach for a good hour or so and Poppydog is still hassling me to keep on throwing a ball – why can’t she just enjoy the scenery?

And still the beach goes on! It keeps on giving as well- amazing what you find stuck in the sand..

This is a 3.5 mile stretch of sand (felt like 6 in the wind!) and we (I) didn’t have the energy to make it to the end (we will be back) so we cut back through Braunton Burrows to where the car was parked – still an 8 mile round trip – whew!

Two thoughts of the day:

Perfect walk today for Poppydog today – all of lead – she is now out for the count!

So am I!!!

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