Baggy Point and some dramatic skies……

Some frozen hail on the ground again this chilly morning and thanks to Poppydog we were up and out before the sun made it into the valley- 7.20 to be precise!

Later on we parked up in a NT car park (another £4 saved!) at Croyde and took the coastal path towards Baggy Point, looking back at the beautiful beach at Croyde and Saunton Sands beyond.

Passing the bones of a Whale that washed up on the beach in 1915!

And the stunning views across to Lundy Island – the clouds offering some real drama to the seascapes.

As we got close to Baggy Point, just off the Point, to sea a real storm was evident and how beautiful? I was pretty sure it was coming our way but – hey ho – we’ve come this far!

We pressed on around the point, passing the Old Coastguard Wreck Post, making a dramatic stand against the darkening sea, with Lundy Island just visible beyond.

Around the headland the first glimpses of Woolacombe and Putsborough Sand under more dramatic storm clouds.

We followed the path as it cut inland before Putsborough, unfortunately this route took us across farmland which became increasingly boggy and muddy underfoot, so much so that I decided that we would turn and go back the way we came. All was well until we got back to Baggy Point and then the heavens opened and we were well and truly caught in a hail squall! – ouch! To say our walk back was refreshing on so many levels is putting a very positive spin on being soaked and frozen!

Still four fabulous beaches to explore, so close by – excited!

Two thoughts of the day:

Hail in your face hurts!

I think we are going to enjoy this little chunk of Devon!

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