Farewell Cornwall and Hello Devon……

Well we had to do it sometime! The good thing is there is still so much more of Cornwall still to explore we are just going to have to pace ourselves!

We left Budemeadow site, having thoroughly enjoyed the surrounding area and I think you will agree, some fantastic beaches for pastures new. I’m afraid (and grateful) to have had assistance in hitching up before heading off, though we didn’t get far as I realised I hadn’t put the extended wing mirrors on the car! Once underway the journey was fine, I was aware of the strong wind blowing but not to the degree of giving me any cause for anxiety, so we waved goodbye to our beloved Cornwall (for a while) and said a happy hello to Devon.

We arrived at Hidden Valley Caravan Park, just outside Braunton in North Devon (a whopping 44 miles) in good time and in the sunshine! Managed unhitching and parking up without any assistance (a first!) and we soon made camp and were enjoying our first cup of tea in Devon still in the sunshine – oh yes!

The site is quite big, all terraced within a valley (pretty rubbish TV reception) surrounded by woodland with quite a few other caravans and motorhomes around. A stream runs through the middle of the site, which I’m sure is great fun for any kids staying, feeding into a small lake in the centre of the park, by the Restaurant/ Bar.

We tried the site woodland walk, but it was very muddy and slippery so we contented ourselves with a good walk around the site roads which probably cover at least a mile or so before hunkering down with a well earned glass of wine.

Two thoughts of the day:

Add ‘wing mirrors’ to check list!

WiFi is mega expensive here – £4 a day – not happening!

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