Tamar lakes and Northcott beach…..

All the site roads and pitches were white over when we got up this morning- on closer inspection they were covered over with small round hailstones (like the little polystyrene balls you get in bean bags) – very pretty nonetheless! The sunrise was a beauty through the dark silhouettes of the bare trees and touching the edges of the grey clouds.

We set off for Tamar lakes, just inland from Kilkhampton, via a slight detour (really must use Sat Nav instead of relying on memory!), parked up (£2 – hate paying to park the car) and then followed the trail around Upper Tamar Lake.

This is a 3 mile circuit, all on a level gravel footpath so very easy going. As there was hardly a soul about and not much in the way of wildlife, I decided to let Poppydog off the lead so that we could both enjoy the walk – it was a bit of a trial to see if she would run riot or not. Fortunately she was pretty good and not in the slightest bit interested in any of the wildfowl on the lake.

This lake is also used by a water sports club and I would imagine a hive of activity once the weather improves but for us and the great herons sitting proudly on top of the buoy markers it was perfect!

Poppydog loved it, was suitably lagged and lucky that I didn’t see the sign saying that dogs must be kept on leads at all times until we had finished the circuit!

We opted out of trailing around the smaller lower Tamar lake as this is an established wildlife reserve and home to many more wildfowl and I did not think it a good idea to push my luck! We called in at Northcott Mouth on the way back for Poppydog to have a further run about but primarily to get her cleaned off in the sand and sea!

We are going to miss these beautiful quiet beaches when we move on next week unless……

Two thoughts of the day:

Need to swat up in birds I think!

That first cup of tea when you get back in from a bracing walk is absolutely like nectar, would even choose it over a glass of wine – well before a glass of wine at least!

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