Snow – pfff and it’s gone….

I always wanted to chase the snow but had decided that belting up to North Wales wasn’t such a great idea, especially as I plan to spend a lot of time in Wales this year and can let it catch up with me instead! However, to say I was excited when it started snowing this morning is an understatement but alas it came to nothing and didn’t settle here at all!

However as it was still snowing, we decided to err on the side of caution and visited Salthouse beach (northern extension to Widemouth beach) close by.

As it was very, very cold (I mean finger and toe numbingly cold) I decided to get maximum Poppydog exercise for minimum time and armed with 2 tennis balls and a thrower, attempted to teach her the art of fetch – that is bringing it right back to me, not dumping it 20 yards away and grabbing it just before I get to it ‘fetch’!

We eventually had a reasonable success with her realising that I wouldn’t throw the second ball until she had dropped the first.

As the beach was deserted we also had a kind of stand off, where Poppydog was barking at me (to fetch the ball some 30 yards away) continuously for at least 5 minutes and I ignored her, until eventually she went and fetched it herself!

Success? Not overly confident but ask me another day!

Two thoughts of the day:

Even Cadgwith had a smattering of snow settling this morning!

Haha! Heated seats in the car – awesome !

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