Bude Canal for a change…

Frosty start and mostly sunny day. As predicted, my legs ache today so to give them a break we decided to walk from Helebridge to Bude along the canal tow path.

It is a nice gentle 2 mile walk along the canal to the beach at Bude and though perhaps not the prettiest scenery as it is all so bare and brown still, the peace and tranquillity was worthwhile. I imagine in a month or so time things will look very different with fresh young leaves on the trees. The canal is bordered by marshlands and I should imagine a bird spotters paradise at various times of the year – we were lucky enough to see a heron in flight and countless other birds and ducks (which I’m afraid I was unable to identify) either on the marshlands or pottering along the canal.

Funnily enough whilst Poppydog goes absolutely crazy for small birds, especially flitting along the hedgerow, she didn’t give the ducks a second glance (thankfully).

Still her behaviour was rewarded by a good stank across the beach – yes chasing stones with the ball in her mouth!

We returned back along the canal, enjoying the sun on our faces and back away from the chilly coastal breeze. We have decided that we like Bude, it appears to be a pretty town with a mix of new and old properties all nicely painted in pastel colours, some of which border along the canal as well as looking out to sea!

There was no sign of any boats on the canal which is a shame, though once we got back to Helebridge, I’m not sure that it would be navigable?

Two thoughts of the day:

Makes a nice change to enjoy a walk without any ups and downs or mud!

Our days in Cornwall are numbered now and it feels quite weird to think that apart from Christmas we won’t be back in Cornwall for a few years!

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