The Strangles and the Strand….

After a cold but mostly dry night, we awoke to the sun rising between the clouds and a bitingly cold breeze. We had decided to have an easy day, you know – day of rest and all that – however….. We set of via Crackington Haven to visit The Strangles a beach just around Cambeak headland to the south. When we got going, I decided a walk along the coastal path towards Cambeak, where we left off last time would be a good way to take in a birds eye view of the Strangles before venturing down on to the beach- what a view:

We also took in a glimpse of The Strand, the next beach along, which as far as I could tell is only accessible by climbing over the rocks from the Strangles.

And the Northern Door a dramatic natural archway in the rocks – this would have looked much more impressive if the tide had been further in and water passing beneath the arch – but you get the picture anyway.

We then turned back and took the very steep path down to the Strangles. To be fair the closeness of the contour lines on Mr OS should have been an indicator – but no I know best!

It all finished up with an ungainly scramble over the last few rocks holding on to the rope (so kindly provided!).

You know when you legs are feeling all wibbly wobbly when you get to the bottom that the ascent is going to hurt!

To put off the evil moment we spent a good hour on the beach just wandering around (or chasing alternately a ball or stones if you are Poppydog) and enjoyed the crashing of the waves and spectacular views along the coastline making out the lookout at Boscastle and Castle Hotel at Tintagel. In the very distance with the assistance of binoculars, I could see Trevose Head Lighthouse just south of Padstow.

As the sun went in and some pretty serious dark clouds headed our way I decided the moment of our return climb was nigh.

I decided that Poppydog was best left to her own devices (as indeed she had been on the way down) being much more adept at scrambling than me and we made a slow return climb up the path, with countless steps and seemingly narrow ledges (which seemed narrower on the way back up!) to contend with. Indeed the bottom 200 meters is not for the faint hearted and not something I would particularly like to repeat!

We made it back up to the top, me totally out of breath and knowing that my legs will ache tomorrow and Poppydog – well she would probably have repeated the whole experience but is fast asleep (sort of ) in her bed now!

Two thoughts of the day:

Definitely no climbing tomorrow.

Something quite delicious about getting back from a hard walk and lying full length on the sofa in the warmth with a hot cup of tea – living the dream!

4 thoughts on “The Strangles and the Strand….

  1. I’m with you on the cup of tea and lie on the sofa!

    I just love that feeling of tiredness from being out in the fresh air and DOING something, it is so different from the mental fatigue of a day at work.

    That is definitely livin’ the dream!


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