Moo-moove out of the way!…..

Once again we availed of the National Trust’s car parks – this time at Duckpool beach, just around the corner from Warren Gutter beach (the northern end of Sandymouth beach). Duckpool is a small, mostly stony cove, with the same line of rocky outcrops only exposed by the tide as Sandymouth and much of Bude with a little oasis of pure golden sand in the middle.

We enjoyed the beauty of this untouched sand for awhile, until Poppydog got impatient for me to throw either a ball or a stone, neither of which I had, so she kept her self a few feet in front of me whilst barking right at me to make her point!

She won, so we returned back up the beach to where all the stones were, leaving me in peace to watch the tide across the sand whilst randomly throwing stones for her!

We then decided to walk inland and take a footpath through Coombe Valley, which runs through a wooded valley with a steam at the bottom and fortunately wasn’t too waterlogged.

Shortly, we encountered 4 other walkers coming in the opposite direction, who really did not want to let us pass:

I tried my best ‘yeehaw’, but they were suitably underwhelmed and in the end the best I could do was to get them to turn around and walk in front of us, with the odd ‘yeeawe’ of something similar to keep them moving!

Eventually we reached a fork in the path and with a bit more ‘yeehawing’ encouraged them to take the opposite fork.

What they were doing in this valley – I don’t know – there was no obvious place that they had come from – so if anyone is missing two cows and their respective calves?

We turned back at the stream, though the walk continued for some miles ahead and were soon back by the pretty mill cottages.

Back down onto Duckpool beach for a quick cleanup in the stream and to check the progress of the tide.

Two thoughts of the day:

I’m sure I have read the book I am reading before, but I don’t remember what happens at the end so I will carry on!

Neither Poppydog or I are keen on cows but would much rather be following them than have them following us!

3 thoughts on “Moo-moove out of the way!…..

  1. Lovely photos I enjoyed it very much being an outdoor person. I must admit I really miss Cornwall it’s such a beautiful place.


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