Back to Sandymouth…….

A mostly cloudy day, with some sunshine and a stiff cold coastal breeze but at least it was dry. We head back to Sandymouth, partly because it is just so beautiful but also because I wanted to venture to the most Northerly point of the beach (Warren Gutter Beach) and watch the tide turn – why? Well just because!

Again we were blown away by the shear beauty and magnitude of this beach and the fact that there were so few others around.

How fascinating are these?

Apparently they are Honeycomb Worm Colonies constructed by the honeycomb worm out of sand, thriving below the high tide mark – hundreds or thousands of these worms construct their own little tubes attached to each other and they survive the constant battering of the sea but are very susceptible to us lot mucking about and breaking them up!

Well we made it to the end of the beach (though you do have to keep looking about you as the waves creep in as some areas are slightly lower than others) with 15 minutes to spare and then we waited and watched as the last bit of sand appeared at low tide.

And then within 15 minutes of low tide it was gone.

Wow – actually watching the tide turn – how amazing – much more interesting than watching paint dry – I can assure you.

As we head slowly back down the beach (all the while Poppydog is running around with a ball in her mouth chasing the sand I am throwing in the absence of any stones – not the brightest pup in the world but a happy one!) we can enjoy the reflection of the sun on the sea beneath the dramatic sky and yet again the beauty of this beach.

Two thoughts of the day:

Still haven’t got any cake in!

It is now wine o clock.

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