Wow – Sandymouth – what a beach…..

Not a glimpse of the Blue Moon last night and the wind howled throwing around a bit of rain and hail, but that being said, we slept well. Still a cold wind blowing this morning but only the odd brief hail shower on this otherwise dry day. We set off for Sandymouth (all one word according to the signposts unlike how it is displayed on Mr OS) to catch the tide as it ebbed to its lowest and boy was it worth it!

The National Trust car park (thanks Dad for my membership which is saving me a fortune in car parking fees) sits just above the entrance to the beach (seasonal cafe and loos). The top part of this beach is stony and then there is a strip of rock to navigate before the long strip of sandy beach and similar to Bude, at low tide this beach is over a mile long. Two waterfalls mark the beach entrance and serve as a handy guide, as the few steps up are out of sight from most of the beach.

Guessing that the tide would be fast moving again like yesterday we kept moving to make sure that we covered it all and what an absolute beauty it is – just look:

It really is breathtakingly stunning – just caught a rainbow too.

As far south as I could get featured some kind of wreckage, which I always think are both fascinating and spooky, though I have been unable to find out what the wreckage was (imagination is so much better than reality anyhow).

The same distinct rock formation gives the cliffs a very dominant presence.

The timing for our visit was perfect – lunchtime (when any self respecting tourist is tucking into a pasty in a warm cafe somewhere and all locals are doing well local things!) and low tide, so much of the time we had the entire beach to ourselves!

As suspected the tide started to come back in at a rate and for anyone wishing to experience this beach at its finest you need to time it for no more than an hour and a quarter either side of low tide.

By 2.30 (2hours after LT) the sandy strip had all but disappeared and we were left playing up on the stones.

Two thoughts of the day:

Am loving this stretch of the coast.

Really fancied some cake to go with my tea when I got back but didn’t have any! Note to self – buy cake.

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