Bude – what a beauty of a beach that just goes on and on……

No frost today but that wind is cold and with intermittent sleety showers not the most pleasant for a beach walk but well you know!

Found a sly bit of free parking in Bude just off the beach and wow what a beach.

The main beach is enclosed by headlands creating a huge U shaped Cove at low tide, with a river running down the left side and a fabulous outdoor infinity pool overlooking the beach on the other side.

The sand is a lovely golden colour and is interspersed with rocky outcrops, beyond the headland on the right at low tide you can walk around to Crooklets beach and then around the next outcrop is yet another beach and so on.

The cliffs which shadow the beach from above are a great structure of rock layer upon layer (I’m sure there is a correct geographical term for this!) and add to the beauty of this beach.

We got as far as Menachurch Point around which is Sandy Mouth Beach (which we will save for another day) as I noticed that the tide was moving back in at a pace and retraced our steps with considerably more haste! We weren’t in any danger of being cut off but any longer and we would have had to clamber over the rocky outcrops instead of skirting around them on the beach and I’m not a fan of clambering especially in wellies!

After returning to the safety of the main beach we wandered along the canal for awhile – enough to decide that we would like to return and do the full walk another day.

We didn’t really wander around Bude itself but what we saw, we liked – it is obviously thriving with pretty Victorian terraces and freshly painted cottages with the river Neet and the Bude canal running through.

Two thoughts of the day:

Nicest beach so far – love to see it in the sun.

The wind is proper howling through the trees.

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