And we are on the road again…..

It is time to move on whatever the weather – so we went for a runaround on Poldhu beach before setting off. Poldhu was glorious, not the weather that was naff but dry, but Poldhu has what I suggest is real golden sand, quite course but such a warm golden colour that even a dull old grey day can’t change.

The river that runs down the middle of the beach, after all this rain is running strong and wide but easy to cross and as we mostly had the beach to ourselves we had plenty of space to chase stones for a while.

The cafe here is a rare gem, in that it is open all year round and sits nestled in the dunes with the whole beach in clear sight- though we passed up on this occasion as we had to do a quick shop before heading back to Bude.

The beach run did the trick and Poppydog was settled and quiet for most of the journey – happy days! The weather however was rubbish, visibility poor and heavy mizzle all the way until literally half a mile from the site we went over the brow of a hill and there it was – blue sky – yes really – and the sun came out as we rejoined Peggy, our lovely home on wheels – a good omen methinks.

Two thoughts of the day:

I love unpacking and find homes for everything!

The car looks lovely and white since I washed it yesterday.

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