Girlies do lunch….

Weather still pretty rubbish – typical Cornish mizzle today. Still I have decided that I prefer Cornish mizzle to rain- somehow, even though you end up as wet, it is quite refreshing when it gently runs down your face rather than a full on splattering!

Took Poppydog for an earlier run on Kennack before popping down to the most southerly point and enjoying a late lunch with my lovely girlfriends. The point was a lot less wild than when I visited on New Years Day but still beautiful.

On the 1st


The cafe, as always serves up good food and though we weren’t there for the view, there cannot be many places which can boast an almost 360 degree view of the sea.

It was lovely to share my travels and catch up with what has been happening in their lives and it is a real shame that I can’t pop back every month or so for more of the same – but heh ho. After I had been describing how I see, feel and breathe much more of what is around me than I ever did before – a friend described this as ‘mindfulness’. Having explored this concept before, I agree that my life now is all about ‘mindfulness’ and I am lucky enough to have the time and opportunity to enjoy it.

Two thoughts of the day:

I no longer take Poppydog for a walk – I go for a walk and take Poppydog with me!

I really must start to organise my photos and keep a separate album with the best of them.

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