And so we manage to dodge the rain…

Well I don’t know about where you are but the weather here is pretty unpredictable – the day starts off wet, wild and grey and then in the afternoon out pops the sun – but be warned it doesn’t stay out for long before a mass of dark grey cloud fills the sky and let’s rip with heavy, serious rain or worse still – hail which is so sharp you can’t bear to walk into it! Five minutes later the sun is out again with big patches of blue sky – so we followed that blue patch down to Kennack.

A couple of brave souls were enjoying the surf but apart from that we had both beaches to ourselves.

The tide was out far enough to allow us to walk across the rocks (usually covered with sand in the summer) to the second beach and Poppydog happily chased stones from one end to the other.

The two streams that cross the beach were both full and racing across the beach to meet the sea.

We just made it back to the car before the next set of black clouds covered the sky and let rip – but look spring is on the way.

Two thoughts of the day:

Is there anything quite so promising as the first daffs coming into flower?

Leaking wellies are the worst thing ever!

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