So we follow a little patch of blue sky to……

After a thoroughly miserable day yesterday and not such a great start to today, we got restless and followed a little patch of blue sky to Kennack. Not the prettiest beach around, as the sand is rather dark, but whatever the tide you are assured of finding a little bit of beach and a nice walk along the coastal path through the woods to the second beach and beyond.

The second beach (which is dog friendly all year round) was as usual deserted, so we could happily chance stones and small unsuspecting birds to our hearts content.

Having got all warm and cozy, and if I’m honest a bit drowsy inside reading a good book it was good to be out with the wind and sun in my face, enjoying the intricacies of the tumbling surf and watching in wonder at the sea birds holding their own in the strengthening breeze.

Slowly the tide was stealing our playground and it was time to head home.

Two thoughts of the day:

Time to explore somewhere new as the old faithfuls are just too tempting!

I have read more books in the last two weeks than I have in the last ten years.

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