Two missed photo opportunities……

Yesterday was an absolutely fabulous day, clear blue skies, very little sea breeze but I forgot my phone! We met a friend, Anna and her dog at Poldhu and we had a great catch up whilst the dogs happily chased stones. We were so engrossed in our conversation that at one point, whilst we had our backs to the sea, two waves met at right angles, right behind us and we were suddenly immersed in sea up to our thighs – haha – my poor wellies will they ever recover from yet another complete drenching? The sun was just catching the waves perfectly for some fantastic photos – next time! We rounded the afternoon off with a hot chocolate from the beach cafe which is open all year round, before heading home to dry off.

Shortly afterwards, I drove to Porthleven to meet up with another friend, Angie, as I was driving over I could see glimpses of the massive orange ball of the setting sun over the sea. By the time I arrived at the seafront in Porthleven it had just dipped below the horizon, beyond the milky grey of the sea, highlighting the silhouettes of those still out paddle boarding and surfing just beyond the harbour wall – I so hope I get the chance to experience this again and to capture it on camera as it was truly beautiful.

Two thoughts of the day:

Don’t forget my phone!

Loving catching up with friends.

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