Coverack recovers after last summers storm…..

Not such a nice day today, but dry and quite calm. We headed off to Coverack, which is a lovely largish village with lots of thatched cottages nestling around the harbour. At low tide there is a lovely big crescent of sandy beach to enjoy and the harbour wall provides a lovely sheltered spot to sit in the afternoon sun – however non of that for us today.

We wondered around the old part of the village, with many properties (unfortunately a lot of which are now second homes or holiday lets) looking very dapper and newly painted, so it was hard to tell if they had been affected by the terrible flash flood last year. However once you travelled up a bit from the seafront, to where the water had coursed down it was clear to see the damage caused to gardens and outbuildings and indeed some of the cottages.

The parish church of St Peters sits proudly above the Cove – not a bad final resting place for the folk of Coverack.

The sea wall has been repaired and the main road (which was largely washed into the sea) is dressed in nice new tarmac, along with the repaired car park.

As we continued to wander around the village, we noted quite a number of new ultra modern looking houses and some pretty exotic looking extensions all designed to capture the best views possible – Coverack is quite definitely recovering well!

Two thoughts of the day:

I suspect Coverack’s property prices are booming a bit!

It would be nice to spend a summer travelling around Cornwall but how do I stop everyone else coming here?

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