Godrevy Cove here we come but…….

The day dawned bright and sunny so for a change, we hopped in the car to Kennack Sands and had our morning stroll down on the beach. Early morning and just before dusk are my favourite times of the day for beach walking.

At lunchtime we returned to Roskilly’s to try and visit Godrevy Cove from the other side (the coastal path from the north was closed the other day when we tried) so we walked down to Quarry Point, but alas the coastal path was closed to the north here as well. Never mind – we set off south towards Coverack – the coastal path runs along quite a low cliff above a stony shoreline.

The ground was very wet and boggy in places, being low grassland with rocky outcrops and lots of gorse, bracken and stepping stones to clamber on or around – so quite challenging for me, but heaven for Poppydog who was soon completely lagged!

Just before Coverack we headed inland following a twisty, windy and yes still muddy footpath up towards St Keverne to Roskilly’s – a good circular walk of about 4.5 miles but to be honest would have been much more fun if it hadn’t been so muddy!

Now dirty dog – what to do? Pop down to Kennack on the way home – that’s what. So today we have been lucky enough to see sun up and sun down on the same beach!

Two thoughts of the day:

Think I might swerve the coastal path for awhile until it dries out a bit!

Luckily there are loads of beaches just waiting to be visited!

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