Enough to dampen your spirits? Of course not…..

The day started dry but grey and I was confident that it would be much the same as yesterday – wrong! Unfortunately it started to rain around midday but as it was only light, we set off anyway.

We had company today, my sister in law Di joined us for our walk and we set off from Church Cove, across Jangye-ryn or Dollar Cove as it is more commonly known – a very different seascape today!

Undeterred we followed the coastal path, with the increasing rain splat in our faces, north towards Looe Bar (our planned destination). However the rain just got heavier and heavier, the path muddier and slippier and what started out as a gentle stroll and chat became more of a battle against the elements and an effort not to slip in the mud!

By unanimous (Poppydog was not invited to vote!) decision we opted to turn back along the road at Halzephron Cove and giving Poppydog a quick runaround at Church Cove, we dripped home!

Two thoughts of the day:

A cheese and bacon slice (thanks Di), in the rain on the beach – ideal.

How quickly my little basecamp resembles a Chinese Laundry!

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