Grey day – but look at the sea…..

Not the greatest day, dry if a bit chilly (that easterly still making itself felt) but not enough to put us off.

Today we decided to visit Polurrian Cove just round the corner from Mullion Cove and before Poldhu. The view down to Polurrian is breathtaking as always, but today the sea was a magnificent display of bluey greens – surprising as the sky was overcast and not offering any shapes or shadows and in fact we only saw a very weak sun momentarily.

The beach was deserted, our favourite kind, and Poppydog was happy chasing stones, whilst for the first time on our travels I found quite a few pieces (albeit small) of sea glass – so we were both kept happy! Not sure what I shall do with the sea glass but I am sure it will come in handy for some or other future project! It never ceases to amaze, not only the natural beauty around us but how nature creates beauty out of what is essentially waste – shame plastic doesn’t weather into a thing of beauty!

After a good run around we had a great catch up with friends (and former colleagues) at Polurrian Bay Hotel, which sits proudly up above the Cove – perfection.

Two thoughts of the day:

I have all this beauty on my doorstep, but still I am keen to discover more.

Wendy remembered how I like my tea – happy days- miss you all x

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