Three beaches on the trot……

No frost today – but a bitter easterly wind blowing- the sort of wind that catches your nose and fingers! The beauty of the Lizard is that with an easterly blowing you can easily head to the west coast beaches, which is exactly what we did.

We headed through Mullion to Poldhu, which was a bit too busy for a Poppydog, as I suspected, so we walked on up over the next headland admiring the stunning view on the way. Poppydog was quite frantic not being able to go down and join in the fun – patience!

Poldhu Cove

Over the headland, past Mullion Golf Course we came upon Church Cove. A lovely sandy Cove with the beautiful church of St Winwaloe nestled below the cliff, sheltered from the prevailing westerly winds. Plenty of space for Poppydog to let rip, mind you I had forgotten her ball, so we had to make do with chasing stones.

We also walked on a bit further to Jangye-ryn, the next Cove along, a mix of sand and stone beach with rocky outcrops, creating crystal clear rock pools reflecting the glimpses of sunshine.

The sun peeped through the grey, low clouds, sending shafts of gold down to the sea to add to the beauty of yet another glorious seascape.

We returned, me – cold and refreshed, Poppydog – damp and still raring to go!

Two thoughts of the day:

An easterly wind rarely brings warmth with it!

How lovely to see so many people out enjoying our beaches – even if I prefer it when we have a beach to ourselves!

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