Well hello sunny Porthoustock…..

The day dawned bright and sunny and wait for it – frosty! That doesn’t happen here very often- not exactly a winter wonderland but the grass and undergrowth was a bit white and sparkly and some of the water lying on the fields had a thin layer of ice. Poppydog was quite mystified by these crunchy puddles and after sniffing them for a bit, I am guessing not that keen by the way she minced and skittered through them – probably a bit chilly in her tootsies?

At lunchtime we drove to Roskilly’s, just outside Coverack, with the intention of walking down through Rosenithon to take a look at Leggan Cove and Godrevy Cove – however:

So off we went, up and over to Porthoustock. A lovely little hamlet, situated in a quiet and remote valley with a mostly stoney beach, with a sandy strip in the middle, leading to lots and lots of sea!

The beach is scarred by the big concrete blocks on either side, a silo for storing rubble from the nearby quarry and a quay for transporting the rubble but somehow these structures don’t ruin this quiet little Cove.

Two thoughts of the day:

Who let the cows into the field behind us? Our lovely dog walk through the Windmill nature reserve is off for this visit home as it is full of cow …..!

Roskilly’s make a delicious chocolate brownie.

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