Back on our favourite dog walking beach – Kennack Sands…..

Well we have walked some wonderful beaches over this last few months and will undoubtably walk on many more but we love Kennack! Poppydog has been running and shrieking up and down this beach since she was 11 weeks old. It was the first place I brought her to when she had had her jabs and the first place, outside of the back garden, where she was allowed to run free.

Today it is showing the signs of the recent storms and missing much of its sand, but it is still a great space. Plenty of chance to play footsteps and to show that we still haven’t mastered the principals of fetching the ball (that is the bringing back bit of it!).

With the sun shining through the waves and a group of wannabe surfers trying their luck, the beach is quiet and quite stunning.

We also wander through the small woodland area between the two beaches for a change of scene, before heading back on the main beach to play some more. We will leave the second beach for a future visit, of which I suspect there will be a few.

What a lovely way and place to spend the afternoon.

Two thoughts of the day:

I think I have sussed why Poppydog gets restless about nine o clock of an evening – she wants me to get out of the chair so she can jump into the dent I have left, to settle down for the night!

Really do need to get a fridge – though I only have a splash of milk in my tea – it is a very important splash!

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