The coastal path is oh so muddy…..

It has clearly rained a lot again overnight, but the day dawned dry, albeit grey and overcast – by lunchtime the sun had broken through and so we set off for a lovely walk.

We walked across fields to St Ruan church, which sits high and proud above Cadgwith and can be seen for miles around. The fields were pretty waterlogged but that didn’t put Poppydog off as she splished and splashed around, chasing birds and all sorts of things that only she can see!

We then cut across to join the coastal path, part way between Lizard point and Cadgwith- the sea much calmer than yesterday and a milky, grey blue in colour. The sun shining over the Lizard adding a freshness to the surrounding fields and farmland. The footpath though was messy and in fact quite difficult to walk and we both needed a sloosh in the sea to clean off all the mud (me just to wellie height!).

Looking down over Cadgwith from the south.

Both beaches at Cadgwith have been stripped of many of their stones and look quite different – though still beautiful.

Fishing boats still high up the slip to avoid being caught by the high tides.

Two thoughts of the day:

I think I need to tidy this little basecamp up – there seems to be piles of stuff everywhere.


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