Another wild day on the Lizard…..

Well that wind blew and blew last night and well into the day, but we were warm, safe and cozy in our little home ( didn’t miss being rocked around in the caravan!). Think we will stick around for awhile, till the worst of the weather has blown (literally) through and carry on exploring this bit of Cornwall.

Though wild it was dry, so we set off for Kynance, parking up above Pentreath and walked along the coastal path towards Caerthillion. The wind was breathtaking and the sea too – Pentreath is a fabulous long sandy beach at low tide and was a favourite for us before a particularly big storm took a chunk out of the way down a good few years back now.

From Caerthillion cove we wandered up through the valley out of the worst of the wind, the footpath was pretty muddy and Poppydog was soon lagged but happy to be off the lead chancing this and that.

Back up on the top we followed the Kynance road and service road down to Kynance Cove – now when the tide is out and it is full of sand, this is one of the most spectacular beaches in the world, but even though the wild weather has taken all the sand (where too?) and the tide was almost fully in, it is still undeniably stunning.

The waves were spectacular, crashing against the rocks, sending spray high up onto the top – the sun trying but not quite managing to totally break through the clouds – exhilarating!

Two thoughts of the day:

Every year the local beaches are stripped of sand by storms, but it always comes back for the summer – how is this?

Poppydog didn’t bark once on the way back (she has now been relegated to the boot!) – is this a break through or is she just exhausted from all the running about and wind?

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