Damp and mizzly but heh ho…..

Well that wind has dropped but we paid the price with a damp and mizzly morning and slightly fresher but oh so grey afternoon – still let that not put you off!

Where to go – well why not a visit to Cadgwith? Always a happy place to be, in my humble opinion! The view from the walk down from the car park is always breathtaking, come rain, shine or whatever – so much so that I forgot to take a photo to show you! No worries, it is a walk I shall do many times before hitting the trail again.

As always there are friends to catch up with in the cove and a quick visit is rarely an option, part of its magical charm. We then headed up to the coastal path to the fields above – these views from the coastal path show the fishing boats well up the beach in anticipation of tonight’s high winds and high tides.

After a good runaround in the fields before dusk, a visit to the Cove Inn (just seen to the right of the middle photo with the welcoming lights) for a catch up with more friends and family and a glass of wine (just to be sociable) was essential, before returning to base camp for what promises to be a wild night!

Two thoughts of the day:

Wind is the only thing that concerns me, when out on our travels, rain is a nuisance, but it is hard to feel completely at ease and comfortable when the wind is rocking your home!

What lovely friends and family I have.

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