Well Happy New Year from mainland Britain’s most southerly point….

After all that horrible rain, yesterday, how nice to see the sun come out to welcome in 2018!

How fitting also to start our year’s adventure from mainland Britain’s most southerly point! I haven’t been away very long, but goodness me how beautiful is this?

The wind was menacingly strong, the sea at its most powerful, the clouds scudding through the sky and that sun, creating pools of gold and reminding you just how beautiful life is.

We walked from Lizard village, down to the point, where I tried very unsuccessfully to take a selfie – haha! The wind was so strong, it was impossible to walk in a straight line – Poppydog’s ears were a flapping! We stuck with it and walked / slewed our way round the coastal path towards Caerthillion Cove and then back into the shelter of the village. Wow this stretch is raw and so, so very beautiful.

Just look at those waves – never underestimate the power of the sea.

Two thoughts of the day:

What an exciting year we have ahead – starting now!

Christmas Lights in Cadgwith

Why do we all eat way too much over Christmas?

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