Bude – what a beauty of a beach that just goes on and on……

No frost today but that wind is cold and with intermittent sleety showers not the most pleasant for a beach walk but well you know!

Found a sly bit of free parking in Bude just off the beach and wow what a beach.

The main beach is enclosed by headlands creating a huge U shaped Cove at low tide, with a river running down the left side and a fabulous outdoor infinity pool overlooking the beach on the other side.

The sand is a lovely golden colour and is interspersed with rocky outcrops, beyond the headland on the right at low tide you can walk around to Crooklets beach and then around the next outcrop is yet another beach and so on.

The cliffs which shadow the beach from above are a great structure of rock layer upon layer (I’m sure there is a correct geographical term for this!) and add to the beauty of this beach.

We got as far as Menachurch Point around which is Sandy Mouth Beach (which we will save for another day) as I noticed that the tide was moving back in at a pace and retraced our steps with considerably more haste! We weren’t in any danger of being cut off but any longer and we would have had to clamber over the rocky outcrops instead of skirting around them on the beach and I’m not a fan of clambering especially in wellies!

After returning to the safety of the main beach we wandered along the canal for awhile – enough to decide that we would like to return and do the full walk another day.

We didn’t really wander around Bude itself but what we saw, we liked – it is obviously thriving with pretty Victorian terraces and freshly painted cottages with the river Neet and the Bude canal running through.

Two thoughts of the day:

Nicest beach so far – love to see it in the sun.

The wind is proper howling through the trees.

Crackington Haven to Cambeak…..

Well we slept soundly for our first night back on our travels – Peggy (our Bailey Pegasus Genoa caravan) was soon warm and toasty, with everything we bought back with us (well I did have a couple of empty cupboards if you remember and we are away now for 11 months!) unpacked and safely stowed.

We awoke to a beautiful frosty, golden sunshine just appearing over the horizon, though unfortunately the sun soon retired behind grey cloud for most of the rest of the day.

At lunchtime we drove south to Crackington Haven and after a good run around on the mostly deserted, shingle and sand beach set off south along the coastal path.

Clambering up the path, you pass by what must be one of the most spectacularly located tennis courts (check out Polurrian Bay Hotel’s court too at Mullion) in the country with a panoramic view over the bay and village.

From here on the coastal path got wetter and muddier with lots of ups and downs and stretches of water logged steps to make the going quite tough – though the views are outstanding.

We had intended to walk on beyond Cambeak as there are another couple of beaches that I wanted to see (The Strand and The Strangles) just around the headland but I’m afraid the muddy path just got the better of me, so they will have to wait for another day.

After walking back down to Crackington without I’m pleased to report, ending up on my backside in the mud, we were both pretty lagged so carried on back down onto the beach for a spot of stone chasing to clean off. While on the beach the sun made a very brief, albeit weak appearance, transforming the sea from grey to green and glittering across the breaking waves – wonderful!

Two thoughts of the day:

Must take a flask out with me as having a hot drink on the beach would be quite special – there was a beach cafe open but after paying £1.50 to park the car I wasn’t prepared to pay for what probably would have been an awful cup of tea!

Need to be a bit smarter when parking the car especially at this time of year.

And we are on the road again…..

It is time to move on whatever the weather – so we went for a runaround on Poldhu beach before setting off. Poldhu was glorious, not the weather that was naff but dry, but Poldhu has what I suggest is real golden sand, quite course but such a warm golden colour that even a dull old grey day can’t change.

The river that runs down the middle of the beach, after all this rain is running strong and wide but easy to cross and as we mostly had the beach to ourselves we had plenty of space to chase stones for a while.

The cafe here is a rare gem, in that it is open all year round and sits nestled in the dunes with the whole beach in clear sight- though we passed up on this occasion as we had to do a quick shop before heading back to Bude.

The beach run did the trick and Poppydog was settled and quiet for most of the journey – happy days! The weather however was rubbish, visibility poor and heavy mizzle all the way until literally half a mile from the site we went over the brow of a hill and there it was – blue sky – yes really – and the sun came out as we rejoined Peggy, our lovely home on wheels – a good omen methinks.

Two thoughts of the day:

I love unpacking and find homes for everything!

The car looks lovely and white since I washed it yesterday.

Another day, another beauty….

We’re still on the Lizard and visiting Kennack Sands again as it is only a couple of miles from home and yet every time we come here i am blown away with the natural rawness and beauty of the place!

Just look at the drama of these clouds with the sun peeping through.

The unmarked sand, as the tide recedes, ready for us to play footsteps.

The dramatic rocks adding structure and another layer to our scene.

And of course the ever tumbling surf.

Living the dream.

Two thoughts of the day:

Three more sleeps before we pick up our travels again.

Most things on my various lists have been done – yippee!

Girlies do lunch….

Weather still pretty rubbish – typical Cornish mizzle today. Still I have decided that I prefer Cornish mizzle to rain- somehow, even though you end up as wet, it is quite refreshing when it gently runs down your face rather than a full on splattering!

Took Poppydog for an earlier run on Kennack before popping down to the most southerly point and enjoying a late lunch with my lovely girlfriends. The point was a lot less wild than when I visited on New Years Day but still beautiful.

On the 1st


The cafe, as always serves up good food and though we weren’t there for the view, there cannot be many places which can boast an almost 360 degree view of the sea.

It was lovely to share my travels and catch up with what has been happening in their lives and it is a real shame that I can’t pop back every month or so for more of the same – but heh ho. After I had been describing how I see, feel and breathe much more of what is around me than I ever did before – a friend described this as ‘mindfulness’. Having explored this concept before, I agree that my life now is all about ‘mindfulness’ and I am lucky enough to have the time and opportunity to enjoy it.

Two thoughts of the day:

I no longer take Poppydog for a walk – I go for a walk and take Poppydog with me!

I really must start to organise my photos and keep a separate album with the best of them.