Today we went moon walking…..

Bit of a damp start to the day and remaining a bit misty throughout. However, undeterred we headed down to Widemouth again, this time for a walk along the beach.

Widemouth Sands is very long and deep (tides permitting) similar in many ways to some of the beaches around Newquay, but the sand is coarser and yellowy, not unlike builder’s sand. Unlike any beaches I have visited so far, the sand is interspersed with lines of low rocks running out to the sea, sort of scarring the beach, if that makes any sense!

We walked around the Black Rock and Wanson Mouth end of the beach, inbetween and down the scars of rock to meet the sea and with the low mist and sun trying to break through it felt like we were walking on the moon (well how I imagine it would be that is!). It is definitely a beach I would like to visit again, with different weather conditions, I bet it looks and feels entirely different.

Two thoughts of the day:

It seems like every 5 or so miles up the coast we travel, the coastal landscape changes again and we are only at the beginning or our journey!

Have we really been away for 11 weeks?

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