Poppydog goes off roading ……

A bit of a wintery sunshine this morning to go with the light frost but all in all a very fine day.

Poppydog was very restless today (am guessing all the drugs from the past couple of weeks are now out of her system) so we walked along an inland footpath from the site for a couple of miles, until the footpath became very muddy and boggy – all the while I was trying to catch sight of the hunt that I could hear in the near distance but unfortunately remained elusive. They had clearly passed down the track we were following, but I assume, well ahead.

After lunch, we drove to Widemouth and walked in the opposite direction (towards Crackington Haven – sort of south) to the tiny hamlet of Millook and onto Millook Haven a mostly stony beach. It is very clear why we can hear the roaring of the sea from the site, a couple of miles inland, as most of this stretch of coastline is very rocky, with mostly pebbly beaches.

As there was no one down on the beach at Millook, Poppydog got her long awaited freedom and had a good run around chasing pebbles – so good to see again.

The rock formation of the cliffs was amazing- like a design for some 70’s wallpaper or carpet!

Not so clear out to sea today, so even though I had brought my binoculars with me, Lundy Island remained out of sight.

Look, how surreal is this little pocket of late afternoon sun?

Two thoughts of the day:

Do black sheep go grey with age? If so, some of these have been knocking about for a bit!

Pity I haven’t worked out how to disable the car alarm when Poppy is in it!

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