And we are back on the trail again……

Poppydog was raring to go again this morning, so we enjoyed a lovely walk around the site as the sun rose through the trees, there had been a very light frost overnight, so it was lovely and crispy underfoot too.

At lunchtime we popped in the car (oh yes) down to Widemouth, parked up and walked along the coastal path, for a couple of miles, in the direction of Bude (though not quite as far as). The path was very wet and quite slippery in places, but reasonably level with non of the dramatic highs and lows of the Tintagel area and in the warmth of the sunshine made for a very pleasant stroll – our first proper outing for a couple of weeks.

With the tide out, many inaccessible beaches and rocky coves were exposed, below the cliffs as you walked along and in the distance, Lundy Island could be seen (to be fair I would not have known it was Lundy, had a kindly gentleman not pointed it out to me).

It was such a lovely day and the beach itself was quite busy, so I didn’t feel comfortable letting Poppydog run riot just yet!

We returned to camp, happy to have enjoyed such a lovely afternoon, back on the trail that is the British coastline. Happy to round off the day with a glass of wine, outside, watching the beautiful sunset – life is for living!

Two thoughts of the day:

Digestive biscuits do not travel well loose in a box!

Winter trees, with their leaves all fallen, create a magical silhouette against a clear sky.

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