And so we moved on and towed!…..

Well Poppydog got signed off by the vets yesterday and had her staples removed, she was a good Poppydog and didn’t need a full anaesthetic, just sedation so was home within a couple of hours. We still have to wear the dreaded cone for another couple of days and be on minimum exercise. However from Monday we can start to get back to normal – hah they don’t know Poppydog very well!

So with no more excuses, we packed up and set off in the sunshine – destination just south of Bude.

Packing up is a little more time consuming as you have to empty and pack away the water and waste water containers, wind up the steadies, manoeuvre off the pitch and of course hitch up and I will confess to having a little help – well rather a lot of help actually but heh ho- we did it and off we went!

Towing – well what can I say? Nowhere near as awful as I had imagined – seriously I have had nightmares about the caravan swinging around in gay abandon behind the car (a bit like Poppydog does at the end of her lead!) but it really doesn’t it just follows obediently behind and apart from having to change up and down the gears more, take corners wider and slower and the drive feeling a bit more bouncy, it was actually ok 👌 Thank goodness!!! You cannot know how relieved I am!!

When we arrived at Budemeadows, which is literally just off the A39, we were shown to our pitch, given a little help to unhitch (well why not?), supervised whilst I made Peggy do a little dance onto her pitch and then left to get on with it.

Sorry no pics (I had enough to do and Poppydog is no help at all!) but we did it – I am so happy and so deserving of a good sized glass of wine or two!

Two thoughts of the day:

Looking forward to Christmas now with friends and family.

Hey we are back in Cornwall!

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