Time to move in and enjoy our new home…..

I am really quite pleased that we have the time to adjust to our new home before moving on – in my experience it always takes a little while to find new and logical homes for everything. I am also trying to make sure that it will take the minimum amount of time to get us ready for the road and that I have managed the spread of weight correctly to facilitate towing. Gosh I haven’t had to use my grey matter much over these last few months!

Anyhow, this is the view to the front of the caravan, with the fab picture window in the middle, which so drew me to this particular make.

Both sofas are 6ft in length so make adequate twin beds or a huge double- you can’t see in this picture but there is a pull out table on top of the drawers, which serves perfectly as an occasional or table for two, instead of getting out the full dining table if we are entertaining!

This is the kitchen area, with sink, hob, grill, oven, microwave and tall slimline fridge freezer- not a great amount of prep space (but not a great amount required for stuff that goes ping!), however there is quite a lot of space on the cupboard opposite as you can see in the next photo.

Lastly is the washroom, with separate shower, sink, toilet and lots of wardrobe space.

All in all – I’m sure you will agree a tidy little home for a solo traveller and her four legged companion!

Two thoughts of the day:

If you had a house this size (basically the size of an average garage I guess) you would imagine it to be impossible to live in – put it on wheels and it really is incredibly comfy and spacious!

This wind and rain is a bit annoying – have to keep on turning up the telly!

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