The new dream team…..

Poppydog continues to do well, but the vet decided to leave removal of the staples until Friday – so we are staying put until Saturday. She is still on a very strict minimal exercise regime – so on the sunny side this gives us plenty of time to enjoy, understand and make our own, our new dream team….

Peggy is incredibly comfy, well designed and well insulated. Our first night in her, Saturday, was really windy with gusts up to 64mph (according to BBC weather) and I must confess to have been rather anxious at 5.30am when the wind woke us! I was worried that we might take off and fall off our chocs (wooden blocks- placed under the front steadies to counteract the slope) – but in true British style I just cocooned myself in the duvet on the basis that this would cushion any fall and save me from harm! And so I stayed until Poppydog insisted on going out at about 8am. Throughout this and the last couple of days which have been extremely cold, Peggy has remained warm and toasty, which is brilliant, especially as I had started to feel the cold in the evenings in Birdie, not a lot but enough to get out a fleecy throw whilst watching TV or reading.

There is also a lot more storage space in the Caravan so I even have a few empty cupboards! (That won’t last) and making up the bed, which is the only thing that I was uncertain of (Birdie had a made up drop down bed), takes no time at all – remove the back cushions, turn over the main seat cushion (which has a separate mattress insert, that I leave with a sheet on) and add duvet and pillow from cupboard and we’re done!

The new car, arrived as planned on Monday morning, delivered by Ben, the salesman from County Motors, who happily spent a good half hour or so, showing me how it all worked – so many gadgets and ways to do everything – love it!My favourite feature so far is that you don’t even need to get the key out of your pocket to unlock, lock or start the car! It is also a beautiful drive and so handy to be able to pop to the shops! Oh the freedom!!!!

Two thoughts of the day:

Let the adventure recommence!

Ilfracombe is a bit run down!

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