And so we have moved to the ‘other’ side….

Poppydog is improving everyday – given half the chance she would have been off without a backward glance today and I think she is putting weight on which is great.

Well this morning we said hello to ‘Peggy’ our new home – yes a deal was finally done.

After much thought we decided that as for 5 months of the year, many of the sites are closed and it is impossible for us to complete our mission to visit as much of the coastline (and many inland areas) as possible in Birdie – we have traded her in against a Bailey Pegasus GT70 caravan and a car (Mazda 3 – arriving Monday). The idea being that we can set up on a site and stay there for a couple of weeks, whilst we explore the surrounding area, both on foot and by using the car to reach a wider area. It also simplifies the process of shopping (unfortunately one of life’s necessities) and running small errands, such as visit the vet etc. (again a necessity every now and then).

So after a very thorough hand over by Giles at Stowford Farm Meadows this morning – we moved over this afternoon- Poppydog was a bit confused to start with but has settled quite happily. We have quite a lot more space and it is so so comfortable and cosy- very happy so far!

It has a motormover (enabling you – well me actually to manoeuvre the caravan by remote control) fitted which is great fun – we performed a scene from Swanlake – beautiful! All we have to do now is tow it!

We shall be on the move on Tuesday as the car gets delivered on Monday and Poppydog is due to be signed off by the vet then as well- so watch this space!

Two thoughts of the day:

We were comfy in Birdie but this is positively luxurious!

Millions of people tow caravans, most of them much bigger than ‘Peggy’, so how hard can it be?..,..

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