Even had time to read a book…..

I am pleased to write that Poppydog is doing well after her op and eating proper food as opposed to the mop variety, albeit with some rather dramatic difficulty in negotiating the cone she is wearing – to the degree that she has taken to struggling for about 3 seconds and then looking rather pathetically at me until I hold the bowl up for her to eat from!

The cone is a bit of a nightmare for both of us in the confined space of Birdie but Poppydog has become quite good at reversing and flipping her head up to get the cone round a tight corner. For some reason she has taken to sitting immediately behind me with it wedged into the back of my legs whenever I am trying to do anything about the van! Good enough reason to do not a lot apart from read a book and so I did.

I have hundreds of books downloaded on the IPad but sometimes there is no substitute for the real thing and this is one of those.

The only actual book I have on board is ‘The road to Little Dribbling’ by Bill Bryson lent to me by my Dad (who incidentally must have read every travel book, especially about Britain, ever written – I wonder who I get my desire to travel from?).

Well, I did not expect to be so captivated by this book (my normal style is for British crime thrillers). It is absolutely enchanting from cover to cover and I’m not sure what I liked most about it:

  • His erratic wanderings from place to place – very loosely following a line from Bognor Regis in the south (somehow via places like Tintagel in Cornwall and Sherringham in Norfolk) and Cape Wrath in the very north of mainland Scotland.
  • His amazing research in finding little known facts about the most random places and visiting them to see for himself. How on earth to you go about finding information about places you’ve never even heard of?
  • The awesome way he describes the tangents of thoughts he has whilst travelling from place to place and the fact that he invariably follows these up with an array of statistics to prove his point – on such random subjects as Housing, Heathrow’s expansion, the Industrial Revolution – oh and a big bugbear of his the poor use of punctuation and random capitalisation! Believe me when I say it is much more fun than it sounds!
  • Finally and probably my favourite – the wonderful conversations (mostly in his head) he has with the people he meets – who shall we just say are less than helpful!

And so as Poppydog recuperates – I have added substantially to the list of places I want to visit and probably extended this tour by another year!

Two thoughts of the day:

Bill Bryson is definitely on my list of ideal dinner guests! – Oh and he would be pretty useful at a Pub quiz too!

Need to think of a way of recording all the places we must visit – maybe I need another colour highlighter for my map?

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