We take an enforced holiday from holidaying….

Where to begin – well Poppydog has surpassed herself – she started vomiting during the week, otherwise seeming ok, but I took her to the vets on Saturday as she wasn’t improving and was losing weight she doesn’t really have. Well to cut a long story short – she ended up having surgery that night to remove a large mass from her gut. General consensus is that the mass looked like a mop head? Anyway surgery went well and she is home with me recuperating and feeling very hard done by, sporting a huge plastic cone around her neck which she hates and is making life in the motorhome somewhat interesting.

Because of the surgery she is on a no exercise regime for a couple of weeks – so posts from me will be scant until we are able to get out and explore some more.

Two thoughts of the day:

Atleast Poppydog had the foresight to get sick only a couple of miles from an excellent vet hospital and thank goodness for pet insurance!

Oh it was so hard here without her!

2 thoughts on “We take an enforced holiday from holidaying….

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