A walk into Dawlish….

Bit of a wild night, the wind rushing through the trees, is as noisy as the crashing of waves but neither is a keep you awake noise, so we slept well. The pitches are all quite sheltered, as they sit in a valley.

We chose to walk along the sea wall path from Dawlish Warren to Dawlish which is about a mile and a half each way, as I mentioned before it is bordered by the railway line – if the tide is high and the wind blowing, this footpath is not always accessible and a more inland alternative is available. However we were fine today, with the sea choppy but no big waves.

Not the most scenic walk – but the sea is always beautiful, though looking rather uninviting today! Unfortunately the beach and your arrival in Dawlish is rather dominated by the presence of the railway line however the many pigeons have made themselves right at home here!

Dawlish itself is a smallish town with quite a pretty river walkway running up through the middle, with a mixture of touristy and high street shops on either side. Part of the river walkway was closed off to protect a couple of swans and their cygnets- what I wasn’t expecting is that they were a family of black swans – both adults and three quite young ones (still very cute and fluffy) were playing / feeding in the grass by the river. There were way too many ducks, geese, pigeons, gulls and other flying fowl to make it in anyway feasible for us (Poppydog) to relax here so we headed back to the seafront to sit awhile before being blown back – this time walking along the beach part of the way, as the tide allowed.

Two thoughts of the day:

All this fresh air – so good for the soul – walking is one of those activities where your mind just wanders.

I cannot believe how fast time is passing – we have been away for 7 weeks already! Loving life.

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