Enjoying the woodland trail….

As the weather turned a bit damp late morning through lunchtime we postponed our original plans and waited until it brightened up before going on a good long tramp around the country park followed by a rustle around the woodland trail.

The country park though as I said before, not terribly exciting, is a great expanse of grass, interspersed with tree planting and the beginnings of wild meadows – it would be lovely to come back in 5 to 10 years time and see its progress. It is however a great dog exercise area and easily takes an hour to walk all the way round the edge.

We then ventured into the woodland to see that the wind that has been picking up all day, has created great drifts of fallen leaves in places. The viewing point revealed some menacing clouds above the estuary, clearly defining the natural spit of land that is Dawlish Warren.

We then wandered back along the road that runs along the site boundary and through to the fields and pine plantation that we look out onto from our pitch.

Cobwebs blown we headed home for warmth and tea!

Two thoughts of the day:

How nice to be in the wonderful position of making the days plans on the day and being able to change them if I feel like it!

Check shop opening times before you run out of milk!

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