Poppydog gets a very unwelcome hose down…..

Up with the larks we set off for a morning ramble around the woodland – I say ramble but Poppydog once released from the lead is like a greyhound out of a trap at the races and has almost done a lap by the time I have straightened up! Still as usual we have the place to ourselves and with Poppy crashing around the undergrowth in the distance, I have a very pleasant and peaceful walk – I even spotted 3 deer before they disappeared into the hedgerow (how do they manage to disappear like that?).

Not to be outdone Poppydog found the only muddy puddle in the park and before I could stop her (as if!), down she went into full on waddle mode – nice!

Back on site the only way I could think to clean her up (I am not sure that putting her in the showers in the Ladies would be very welcome – though I did consider it!) was to hose her down – which she hated! I then made her sit outside to dry off and ignored the whole woe is me, pitiful shivery dog thing. Will she learn – doubt it.

Later we walked back down to Dawlish Warren and as I imagined, the beach was almost deserted, so we had a lovely wander along the sand as far as dogs are allowed to be and back. The furtherest part of this natural sandbank is part of the nature reserve as it attracts flocks of migrating birds resting on the beach and surrounding mudflats – Poppydog and migrating birds mayhem in the making! I seem to have found a way to keep Poppy from running off and barking whilst on the beach by throwing pebbles for her, she runs off to look for it and then comes back with a pebble in her mouth, I then throw another one and so on – riveting stuff but it keeps her occupied, quiet and out of mischief so that works for me.

Two thoughts of the day:

Everyone else on this part of the site appears to have gone home – something I said?

There is not quite enough gravy in Sainsbury’s bangers and mash meal.

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