Sunday – seriously underrated by me for years….

The hospitality business, among others, does this to you – well not anymore – I am reclaiming them!

This one turned out to be a particularly fine specimen with the sun rising through the trees as we wandered around the Dawlish Nature Park ( just next door to the Woodland walk), opposite a pedestrian access to the site. The park is not beautiful, though in years to come when the young trees are established and the wild flowers taken hold, it may well become so – however it is a large expanse of land, where dogs are free to roam without distractions from livestock and access to roads – so perfect for our needs. Poppydog had a ball (well she actually found two!) and happily raced around the fields whilst I ambled along at my own pace, reading information boards as I walked. With the sun out and not a breath of air it is really quite warm!

We returned to site for breakfast in the sun and I went to buy a Sunday paper – yes me ( probably about the 5th paper I have bought in the last 10 years!). Throughout the day said paper has been read from cover to cover (well excepting the sport and financial bits – yawn!), as well as the magazine and I am now so much wiser, politically up to date, fashion aware and they are both in the recycling!

At lunchtime we walked round a different part of the Woodland ( new territory to me but probably old ground to Poppydog!). All of a sudden the relative peace was shattered when Poppydog took up her high pitched ‘I’m onto something bark’ and there crashing along the ridge was a deer, closely followed by a shrieking spaniel – I’m ashamed to say I had one of those ‘Benton’ (YouTube ‘Benton’) moments and momentarily considered walking off in the opposite direction. However I just stood still, held my breath and waited – shortly the yelping stopped and Poppydog came hurtling around the corner and the deer fortunately long gone back undercover. Oh dear, let’s quit whilst the going is good!

Later we had a wander around the site- it is indeed huge, we found the fishing lakes ( no dogs though which is probably just as well!), the children’s woodland trail (we gave that a wide berth too!), the leisure facilities and 2 onsite bars / must be hideous during the season – note to self.

Two thoughts of the day:

The squirrel population in the woodlands must be vast and well fed, as the ground is littered with chestnut husks and oak tree leaves but not a conker or acorn to be seen!

I hope my Lizard girlie friends had a good lunch at the House Bay Hotel for Sal’s Birthday – thinking of you!

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