From Watership Down to Dawlish Warren…..

Bit of a theme going on here? Well the sun rose over Hillhead for our last morning walk – a little bit chilly but lovely and clear- the rabbits and birds teased Poppy as we wandered along and I would like to say that we have learnt some control – but I can’t!

Anyhow once we had packed up, we set off on the relatively short journey to Cofton (ok so very near Dawlish Warren!), via Sainsbury’s. The site is huge and very much one to stay away from during the summer – lots of space but for some reason everyone is parked in the same area (not like the CAMC where you have the choice of available pitches). The views are of the valley and site.

As the sun was still shining we set off to wander around the site and followed the lane that runs through the site, past the little church of St Mary’s to Cockwood Harbour, along the seafront (albeit the railway line has first dibs for this stretch of coastline), with extensive views across the Exe to Exmouth and what turned out to be a very pleasant circular walk passing the woodland trail belonging to the site and back through the pedestrian only access to the site – hey and no hill to climb! Just catching the sunset across the valley on the way back – definitely wine o’clock!

St Mary’s Church

Views across the Exe to Exmouth


Two thoughts of the day:

Might try and catch the meteor shower tonight – I haven’t mentioned it yet but there is a roof light just above my bed- so I won’t even have to get up!

Don’t want to stay on any of these ‘hi de hi’ type places during the main season.

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