A day off from sightseeing…

Today was a fabulous day, sunny and mild – perfect for getting a few chores done in between sitting in the sun drinking tea and wine (only once the yard arm and all that)!

We did washing which mostly dried in the sun, we swept out Birdie and even washed the floor (which also dried in the sun) and even started to wash Birdie… but no if I wash the bits I can reach the rest will look a mess? And anyway it is only new (my Dad reckons cars should be at least a year old before you even think of washing them). So we just washed the windows and watched them dry in the sun!

To keep Poppydog occupied (she is not that keen on chores or that good at any of them really!) – we took a few leisurely walks around the site rabbit spotting- I even let her chase a few (on the lead – I’m not that brave!) and she could run around the dog walk without fear of disturbing anyone as most folk were out and about.

Also today my faith was restored in humanity as the washing up liquid that I had forgotten yesterday, had been returned to the office by one of the site staff not pinched as I had assumed – though he did add that I was lucky especially as it was Fairy Liquid!

Easily amused and very content!

Two thoughts of the day:

Don’t always assume the worst of your fellow travellers!

Poppydog can be content with a simple life too!

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